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Now is the right time to understand your cow's behaviour and feelings.




movement patterns

Why cows?

Cows are feeding us

Cows play an important role in human food production. According to FAO, a global milk production in 2019 reached 852 million tonnes, an increase of 1.4 percent from 2018. Demand for key dairy products is expected to grow.

Restriction of the natural behavior, pain and distress of the cow directly impact on milk production.

Additionally, most dairy farms have a lack of monitoring and analytical tools to assess health and wellbeing of their cattle.

However, healthy and happy cow gives better milk yield.


Happy cows simply mean happy farmer

Ultimately higher milk production

You will get data to understand the impact of cow's health and emotions on milk production

Less money for fighting diseases

Early detection and treatment of cow disease will positively impact on revenue of dairy farm and the sustainability

Improvment in the mental health

As a responsible farmer, you will feel better if your cows will be happy and healthy


As experts in Computer Vision, we are developing an AI-based solution for dairy farming to collect and analyze data about cow's behaviour and emotions.

We reduce farmer's costs on disease treatement but increase milk production and profitability for each cow.

Supported by our partners we build cutting-edge solutions for the future of dairy farming

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